Hospice Shops

Willow Wood Hospice operates several shops in the Tameside area. These play a vital role in raising funds for the Hospice.

Hospice Shop

Ashton Shop Volunteers

Don't throw away those unwanted clothes, household items or bric-a-brac. If it's clean and in working order, our shops can sell anything (well almost anything)!

If you have your own transport and can spare a few hours a week, we urgently need your help collecting goods from people who can't get in to the shops. Also, we are always looking for extra help on the tills and behind the scenes with sorting, pricing and ironing etc.

If you can help in any way, contact your nearest shop or ring Bea Robinson our Volunteer Services Manager on 0161 330 1100

The Pad

Furniture display at The Pad


We have recently opened our new furniture store at The Pad, Shepley Street, Stalybridge.

This is a large store with many large items of donated furniture including suites, tables, chairs, display units, wardrobes and much more. If you have any enquiries regarding the furniture shop, please ring them direct on 0161 330 7445.


We currently have shops in the following locations:



78 Old Street,

Tel: 0161 339 2662



6 Stockport Road,

Tel: 0161 320 3011



122 Market Street,

Tel: 0161 301 3356



57 High Street West,

Tel: 0145 785 3049



25 Clarendon Place,

Tel: 0161 368 7005



35-37 Grosvenor Street,

Tel: 0161 338 4599

Furniture Shop


The Pad, Shepley Street,
Stalybridge, SK15 2AH

Tel: 0161 330 7445


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ebay™ Shop

We also operate our own shopping area on ebay™, where we resell items that have been previously used by the Hospice or donated to one of our shops.

Have a look here - you may find yourself a bargain!

Willow Wood Hospice & Recycling

When you donate a bag of clothing, electrical items or furniture to any one of our shops everything is sorted, steamed in the case of clothing and priced for sale. Sometimes people will donate items "out of season". In this case we will store your donation in our warehouse until the right season arrives (it is a lot easer to sell a sun lounger in June than in mid-winter!).

Sometimes however we are unable to sell donated items due to their condition. If this is the case then Willow Wood sells such clothes and textiles to a recycling company who pay the Hospice by the kilo. Apart from being an important additional income stream to the Hospice this diverts textile waste from landfill sites so is environmentally friendly as well.

Hospice Shop

Inside one of our shops

What happens to the textiles next varies depending on the company we use. Usually they are taken to recycling depots, separated into different "grades" (of which there are over 100) and then packaged together according to their potential re-use and destination. In the case of clothing, these are packed into bales and shipped abroad including to Africa. On arrival these bales are moved to a warehouse ready for distribution. Local traders and market stallholders rely on these garments for their livelihood, buying as many bales as they can afford to sell in their shops or on street stalls. Many of the textiles are bought to be made into other garments.

When someone donates an electrical item we automatically have it PAT (Portable Appliance Test) tested. If it passes then we distribute to the shops for sale otherwise we recycle as much as we can. For instance we dismantle electric plugs so the plastic is recycled and even the brass pins are sent away for recycling.

In the case of soft furnishings (i.e. lounge suites), we are unable to accept a donation if it doesn't have the correct fire resistance labels.

Our shops will always try to recycle anything that is not suitable for sale. However the shops are not there as a replacement for a trip to the local tip. In fact it costs the Hospice money to dispose of unrecyclable items such as fridges.

These are the reasons we politely request that donated items are of good quality. Always ask "would I buy this?" If the answer is "no", please think twice before donating any item that isn't clothing; if the answer is "yes" then we will gratefully receive your donation in any of our shops.

Clothing, linen, curtains etc. that aren't good enough for resale can still be donated as rags. Please put any such items in a bag clearly labelled "RAGS" so that volunteers know the items are not to be sorted and be passed straight on.

The Hospice is very grateful for the support it gets through items donated to its shops. The revenue they generate plays a significant part in raising the £2.2 million plus needed to enable us to offer specialist care and support to those in need of our specialist services.

There isn't much that the Hospice can't recycle; we have over the years recycled mobile phones, old European currency and have recently launched a new key recycling scheme.

If you would like to know more about our recycling schemes please ring the Appeals Office on 0161 330 7788.