20th Anniversary Gift List

This year Willow Wood celebrates 20 years of caring for local people. Help us look forward to the next 20.

Willow Wood opened its doors in 1999, and since then has helped thousands of local people and their families. We couldn't have done it without the support of our wonderful community - thank you to each and every one of our superstar supporters.

Now, as we looking forward to the next 20 years, we need your support more than ever. Celebrate this special anniversary with us - take a look at our 20 wishes on our 20th Anniversary Gift List to see just what you can do to help us maintain and develop our loving care for our community.


  • 200 Regular Givers: 200 regular givers gifting just £2 each per month would raise £4,800 over a year. Of course, you can always give more! Gift us now:
  • 2,000 New Lottery members: That would mean an extra annual income for Willow Wood of £104,000 – not to mention the fact that 2,000 more people have the chance to win the £1,000 jackpot each week. Sign up now:
  • 20 Pledges in Wills: A vital source of income – and if you make your will during our Will Week, your fee can be donated to Willow Wood too. More information coming soon.
  • 20 New Members of Business Connexions: Great benefits for local businesses, and and extra £7,200 income for us. Find out more.
  • 20 Teams in our 20/20 Challenge: Can your team turn £40 into much more for us – in whatever way you can? Find out more.
  • 200 New Collection Cans: Can you place a can in your place of work? Remember, every penny donated helps care for a local patient and their family. Contact Charlotte now.
  • 2,000 Smartie Tubes: Can you fill a Smartie tube with 20p or £1 coins? 2,000 would generate between £24,000 and £56,000. Plus, you enjoy guilt free chocolate treats! Contact Charlotte now:
  • 200 Special Days: Do you have a special birthday or anniversary this year? Could you ask for donations to Willow Wood instead of presents?
  • 200 Challenges Undertaken: check out our Bucket List Challenges – make this the year you do something extraordinary! Find out more: Once you've decided what you're doing, let us know and we can share your online fundraising page.
  • 20 Businesses to make us their Charity of the Year: A wonderful way to show support for Willow Wood, raise vital funds and build morale and teamwork skills. Contact Elaine now:
  • 20 Shining Stars: Could your school or youth group get involved? Find out more:
  • 200 Employees to sign up for Payroll Giving: a great, easy way to make a regular, tax-free gift to Willow Wood.
  • 20,000 extra tickets in our Anniversary Lottery Draw: Could you help sell tickets to your friends and workmates? More information coming soon.
  • 200 Hospice Shop Outfits: Tweet us a photo of you wearing your favourite outfit from one of our high street shops! #WillowWoodWearItWell!
  • 200 Dress Down Days: Could you get your colleagues to pay £2 each for a dress down Friday – or a mad hair day, odd socks day, loud jumper day? Easy, fun and raises vital funds. Let us know what you're doing - and send us some photos!
  • 200 Birthday Donations of £20: Just £20 will pay for a counselling session – help us support bereaved families. Make a donation:
  • 2,000 Midnight Walkers: Yes, the Midnight Walk is back – can we make it the biggest one ever in our special Anniversary Year? More information coming soon.

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