Latest Butterfly Memories

Release a beautiful living butterfly in memory of someone special.

A very touching way to remember loved ones is to take part in Willow Wood’s Butterfly Memory Release, scheduled for Saturday 13 July.Every life remembered is represented by a beautiful living butterfly, which will take flight from your hands into the landscaped gardens at the Hospice.

It is a wonderful spectacle as they open their wings and lift into the air, before coming to rest on the flowers, many of which have been planted to provide food for the butterflies. It’s quite poignant later in the year to see butterflies flitting in the gardens, and to wonder if they are descended from one you may have released in memory of a special person.

Elaine McConnell, event organiser said: “If you’re wondering why we’ve chosen butterflies for this memorial event it’s because, in folklore and myths throughout the world, butterflies are seen as a symbol for the soul.Indeed, the ancient Greek word for butterfly was the same as their word for the soul.And it’s not just in European myths; in Russian, Japanese, South American, Indian and Samoan tales butterflies are revered in the same way.So, it just seemed both an appropriate and a magical way to remember those who mean the world to you.”

Butterfly Memories is such a popular event that there will be three releases during the afternoon, all of which follow a short blessing by Hospice chaplain, Eddy Inglis.These short ceremonies are part of the Willow Wood Summer Fete and all who dedicate a butterfly will receive a complimentary ticket into the Fete.As Elaine said, “It’s a lovely day altogether, and it makes it very special to be able to spend some time here, to reflect over a cream tea, light lunch or a glass of Pimms.I must just say that the Butterfly Release is open to everyone, whether there is a past association with the Hospice or not.We also give everyone a certificate bearing the name of your loved one as a memento of the occasion.”

If you’d like to take part in this most magical event, online booking has now commenced and you can make your dedications here. Alternatively you can pick up a dedication form from the Willow Wood reception or any of our shops, or ring 0161 330 7788 and we’ll mail one out to you.

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