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For the past four weeks a number of year 10 pupils from Copley Academy have been visiting Willow Wood to learn about Hospice care. Over this period, they have spent time with Day patients, staff and volunteers to gain a better understanding of the care and support offered to our patients and their families.

Mrs Woolescroft from Copley said “The students have been so enthusiastic about their visits here, we’ve all learned a lot – including me! It’s been wonderful, and we’d love to bring further groups in the future”.

Staff Nurse Gill Willis is the coordinator of the Schools Project at Willow Wood and agrees, “It’s been a total pleasure.We mainly work with primary schools so it’s a slightly different experience with 15 year olds, but it’s inspiring to see how they interact with the day patients.Everyone involved gains from the visits and the pupils are now worthy ambassadors for Willow Wood.”

Under the direction of arts and crafts volunteer Pat the teenagers did some silk painting which they made into cards and handed over to the patients.Gill said “We’ll be sorry to see the students go, they’re a credit to their school.However, if any other schools are interested in getting involved, please ring me on 0161 330 1100, I’m always happy to discuss our schools project.”

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