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A light hearted way to get you planning for the future.

Talking about dying, and about our own funeral can be quite an uncomfortable subject, but it’s something that will happen to us all.Research shows that only about a third of us have thought about our funeral or made a will, and even fewer have thought about their end of life care or organ donation.As part of the national Dying Matters Awareness Week, Willow Wood will be holding a Death Café between 11am-3pm on Wednesday 15 May, in their own coffee bar at the PAD in Stalybridge.

Staff nurse Gill Wills and Willow Wood counsellor Sarah Ellenbogen will be there throughout the day, and to help stimulate discussions will be handing out free slices of Death By Chocolate Cake!Gill said: “We’ll be asking people how they’d like to be remembered, what songs they like playing at their funeral, who has been their inspiration in life, and other questions about life, death, grief and more.We’ll be using special Dying Matters cards which will hopefully prompt some debate and make people think about a topic that can often be left until it’s too late.”

Sarah agreed: “It’s never too early to talk about this, and few of us know how a parent, sibling or partner would their funeral to be arranged.It can be difficult to broach the subject with a loved one, but we’re confident that the Death Café can help.It’s a very light-hearted approach about an inevitable part of life.”

Gill and Sarah will also be happy to discuss aspects of Willow Wood care that may help you or your family.There will be information about our care and remembrance events such as our Butterfly Memory Release, which can help celebrate and commemorate the lives of your loved ones.

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