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It's Hospice Care Week, and we'd like to celebrate with some words from those who receive, and who give, our loving care.

This week is Hospice Care Week and Willow Wood would like to celebrate this with some words from those who have received, or who give our care.

People like Jennifer, who has been coming to Willow Wood for around ten months now. Jennifer, who has COPD, has received physiotherapy to help her breathing, Reiki to help relax and is now attending one of our weekly groups where she receives support, advice and where the highly trained staff are able to step in should there be any changes in her condition.Treating any exacerbations at such an early stage makes possible hospital admissions far less likely.

Jennifer said “Initially I was very shocked by the idea of coming to Willow Wood, but I really love it now and would encourage anyone to come.I always say “you don’t come to Willow Wood to die, you come here to live”.

People like Barbara, one of our volunteer receptionists. Barbara said “About 11 years ago a dear friend spent the last weeks of her life at Willow Wood.I’d never visited before, and was struck by the kindness and care shown by everyone.I decided I would like to help and after 10 years still enjoy it.The most important part of my job, as I see it, is putting visitors at their ease – it can be very daunting walking into the Hospice for the first time.Receptionists are the first people visitors meet and it’s our role to greet them with a smile and put them at ease”.

People like Caroline, one of our dedicated nurses. Caroline said “I spend time with patients and their families when they are feeling at their most vulnerable, and see the difference that our care and support can make.I feel privileged to be with them and to be able to help them through this time”.

People like Karen Houlston, chief executive of Willow Wood. Karen said “Hospice care is so diverse, and involves so many people with varied skills coming together to deliver specialised care.We are all passionate about our roles and committed to support everyone with kindness, dignity and respect.Hospice Care Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate the contribution of all our staff and volunteers and I’m so proud to be part of such a wonderful community”.

The last words, however, should come from Jennifer as a current patient. “Willow Wood saved my life”.

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