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4 different cycle routes - there's bound to be one for you.

Willow Wood is proud to be teaming up with Tour de Manc to bring the Mini Manc back to Tameside once more.And with four different routes to choose from there’s sure to be one for you, whether you’re a novice, whether you cycle for fun and fitness or whether you’re up for a real challenge.

Anthony Lord, head of income generation & marketing explained: “Last year, for the first time, we partnered with Tour de Manc to help us deliver the best cycling experience for our supporters.It was so good, we’re doing it all over again!”

Chris Hayden, event organiser agreed: “Tour de Manc is a not for profit organisation, it’s run by volunteers and it has a similar ethos to Willow Wood – it’s all about living your life to the fullest.Our partnership ensures that the whole process is as smooth and streamlined as possible, whether that’s easy online registrations, clear route signage or a great back-up team once the cyclists are out on the road.”

The Mini Manc will take place on Sunday 7 July.All four routes start from, and return to, the Tameside Cycling Circuit, Richmond Street in Ashton, so if mum or dad are up for a 48km cycle, big sister wants to do the 16 or 32km and the youngest wants to stay on the level circuit, then the whole family can take part and fundraise for their local Hospice.

The first of the four routes is on the 1km flat cycle track and so is suitable for young or inexperienced cyclists who can decide themselves how many circuits, up to a maximum of eight, to do.The 16km route is mainly along quiet roads and country lanes, so could be the one to choose for those who enjoy a leisurely ride.

There are some fairly taxing hills on the 35km route, and while the 48km ride is not as long as many organised cycles, there are some extremely significant inclines along the way so it really will test your stamina.

Chris concluded: “We had wonderful support from our community at last year’s event and are looking forward to another great day’s cycling.Online booking is open, just go to to sign up for your chosen route.It’s quick, it’s easy and it’s secure.”

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