Latest New Child Counselling Service

We believe in supporting the whole family, and have extended our counselling services to children between 5 and 13.

Willow Wood has offered counselling to adults for many years, and is now extending that service to children aged five to thirteen years of age.

It can be very difficult for children to express their emotions, especially to other family members who are also grieving.To help them work through the process and come to terms with the changes in their life, Nicola Dobson has set up a child centred counselling service which will be based at the PAD in Stalybridge.

As with all of Willow Wood’s services, this is free, and is available to any child who has, or has had, a family member as one of our patients.There will be an initial consultation with a parent or guardian, followed by 12 weekly sessions, each lasting 15 minutes. Nicola is also planning to extend this counselling service to those aged between 15 to 17.

If you would like to find out more, or to book the initial assessment, please contact Nicola on 0161 330 1100 or email her at

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