Dementia support

This service provides specialist palliative care and dementia management advice to those caring for individuals who are identified as a risk of experiencing difficulties as they approach the end of life with dementia.

The Hospice understands that people with Dementia suffer disadvantage in accessing health care services, contributing to them experiencing less than optimal care during the end of life Education and support is given to informal and professional carers, who are currently involved in this care.

Patients are assessed in the location they are currently cared for, and recommendations are made. The assessment is followed up as the dementia progresses, so appropriate responses to changing symptoms can be made with the aim of alleviating any distress, as and when it occurs.

It is rare for patients to need the highly specialist In Patient services available at the Hospice, but usually special palliative care advice is given within the existing care setting. We know a change of setting can be particularly disruptive and distressing, so our service aims to improve symptom relief where patients are currently being cared for, if this is achievable.

The Hospice also provides additional education via the Tameside consortium and through collaboration the Tameside and Glossop Care Home end of life education facilitator.

Referrals can be made when individuals are experiencing adverse symptoms associated with their dementia, and the approach of the end of life. A formal diagnosis of dementia is not necessary, but significant cognitive impairment, as assessed by the referrer, and agreed by the specialist nurse will be the criteria.

We hold a Dementia Carers Support Café on the second and fourth Friday of every month, and past and present carers are welcome to attend. A specialist dementia nurse and trained volunteers will be present.

Each cafe has a planned activity or theme, and you are welcome to participate in this or just to have a friendly chat, a cup of tea or coffee and slice of cake and just relax with people who know what you are going through.


For more information on the Dementia Carers Support Café please ring 0161 330 1100 or just drop in between 1-3pm on the second or fourth Friday of the month.

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