Jennifer's Story


Jennifer had been feeling very low for some time.Not only was she coping with a long term condition, COPD, which meant she had to be on permanent Oxygen treatment, but she had had a number of bereavements during 2015 and 2016, which had naturally led to a deep sadness and feelings of isolation.

When it was suggested, towards the end of 2016, that Jennifer should come to Willow Wood her first reaction was one of shock.She was under the misapprehension that Willow Wood was only for cancer patients, and thought that the referral meant she had only a short time left.Jennifer was actually quite scared and really didn’t want to come to our Day Services Unit.

However, she gave it a go and is still coming two years later, and loving every minute of it.She has had physiotherapy sessions which helped her breathing, and also Reiki which gave her a deep sense of relaxation.Jennifer now attends our O2 clinic on a weekly basis and this helps her to understand and manage her condition, in turn reducing the need for possible hospital admissions by treating any infections or exacerbations at an early stage.

Jennifer has found the friendship and support from other patients to be of immense value, opening up her horizons and making her feel far more positive about life.

Jennifer said “There is no pressure here to be involved in anything I don’t want to be.It has been suggested that I have some bereavement counselling, as I am still struggling to come to terms with my family situation, but it’s left up to me, there is no hassle.The staff won’t mention it again for a few weeks, which gives me time to process it and make my own decision.They are all so good here, and so supportive.If anyone is referred here I’d really encourage them to come.I always say ‘you don’t come to Willow Wood to die, you come here to live’.I honestly think that Willow Wood saved my life”.

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