Morag & Mike


Three years ago my husband, Mike, was diagnosed with Mesothelioma. His diagnosis was aggressive, so chemotherapy was the only option, but this didn’t work. Mike was given Morphine, and was told there was nothing else they could do to help him. It was then that we came across Willow Wood online, and Mike was referred to the Hospice as a day patient. He met with a doctor, who changed his pain relief, and for the first time in months I saw my husband happier and more comfortable. He began to attend Day Hospice every week, where the enthusiasm displayed from the nurses was incredible.

However, it was during a routine appointment that Mike was told he wouldn’t be returning home. He was moved into a double room, where our two children, Paddy the dog and I moved in and continued our family life, as normal as possible, for around two weeks.

Mike had always told me he wanted to die at home, but the love and support we received from all of the staff at Willow Wood Hospice created a lovely homely environment. We never imagined it would be like this, you always think a Hospice will be a similar environment to a Hospital, but it wasn’t at all. The doctor would come in every day, sit down, and talk to Mike.

It was one morning in October when my husband passed. I was out walking Paddy, and had left my children with him.

Prior to Mike’s diagnosis, the five of us loved walks on the Moors, and Mike was even a part time ranger in the Peaks. He loved gardening, and after so many years together, I became fond of it too. I now volunteer as a gardener, as I feel it is important to give back to Willow Wood Hospice.

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