20/20 Challenge

Are you up for the Challenge? Can you turn £40 into much more for Willow Wood

2019 sees Willow Wood’s 20th Anniversary, and as part of our celebrations we’re giving away £20 notes! The only catch is you have to use these funds to make even more for Willow Wood.

We’re challenging you to use your imagination and invest £40 which we will give to you. You then have until 30 April to grow these funds before handing over all profits to Willow Wood.

You could buy flour, sugar and eggs and hold a bake sale. Use the profits to hire a bouncy castle and hold a Fun Day at work - they’re not just for kids, your colleagues will love to have a go!
Or you could get on your bike and ask friends, family and workmates to sponsor you. Organise a raffle, have your chest waxed - the list is endless, but have some fun and think outside the box.
We’ll support you in any way we can. We have excellent links with local media and will be publicising your efforts via our social media. We can also provide posters, raffle tickets etc if required, so why not have a go - we'd love to see just what you can come up with.
Register your interest with us now, and we'll be in touch to arrange the launch of the Challenge - and when we'll hand over the two £20 notes!

Click here to see the companies that have joined in the challenge.

Event Details


Friday 1st February 2019
All Day