Coronation Street at 58

Unbelievably, Coronation Street is 58 years old! Hospice patron Mark Llewellin entertains us with tales from the early days.

Yes, Coronation Street is 58 years old this weekend, and to mark the occasion Mark Llewellin will give another of his highly entertaining talks, this time on the history of one of the most beloved TV series ever - Corrie.

Tickets are just £5, and refreshments will be available in the Daisy Nook cafe, so book now to find out how it started, tales of the original cast, the creator Tony Warren and much more. Ring 0161 330 7788 to book, or call into the Hospice reception to buy your ticket.

Event Details


Saturday 8th December 2018
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Daisy Nook Garden Centre