Ton of Love

We're sharing a Ton of Love with our Supporters - can you send us a Ton of Love back?

Launched on Valentine's Day, Ton of Love is a very simple fundraising idea - show us your love by raising £100 any time during 2018 in any way you can!


Yes, it's that easy! Do you already go to a spin class? Then ask friends and family to sponsor you to reach 100 miles! Love to jog every day? You just need 10 people to give you £10 when you've reached 100 miles (or 100 kilometers!) and you're already there!
Shave your head, dye your beard in the Willow Wood colours, have a dress down day at work and charge colleagues £1 to take part, organise a garden party, a concert, a fun day - we're sure you can come up with some brilliant ideas. If you need a bit of inspiration watch our very brave member of staff Dan during his leg wax!

And you don't need to stop at £100 - we'd be so grateful for every single £1 over and above that figure! What's more, we can help with posters, tickets and advertising on social media.
Once you've decided what you're going to do, please let us know by completing the registration below.

We'll also be inviting each and every one of you who has raised a Ton of Love to take part in a huge aerial photo early next year - this will be displayed in Willow Wood for the whole of 2019 - we'd love to see your face in that crowd!
Feel the love for Willow Wood, share the love for Willow Wood and raise a Ton of Love for Willow Wood!

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