Margaret, Shop & Office

When I left paid employment I decided to try and do some voluntary work, and the Willow Wood shop in Denton, where I live, needed volunteers. I started doing just two hours once a week, gradually increasing these over the years.

After my husband passed away I started volunteering in the office at Willow Wood as well, and I always think it was a lifeline at a very vulnerable time in my life. I now work a total of around 18 hours each week.

I really enjoy what I do, they are two extremely different jobs. One is dealing with the general public which can be very rewarding, whilst the other is in an office environment helping with the paperwork.

There have been many changes during my 20 years, but what doesn’t change is how worthwhile it is.

The volunteers all do a wonderful job, and I would recommend volunteering to anyone. I have made some strong friendships, with customers as well as with staff and volunteers, and these have really kept me going, along with the knowledge that I am supporting the work of Willow Wood.

My thanks to everyone for their support and help.

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