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Willow Wood has a proven record of working together with local businesses, and is proud to be associated with the companies detailed below.

Each one of these local businesses is offering a discount that will not only benefit you, the customer, but will help your local Hospice at the same time. We are so very grateful to them all for working together with us to bring you savings and to help us during this very difficult time.
Every time you purchase a product or service from these companies please quote the discount code and they will donate a percentage of the cost to us. Not only that, but you will receive a discount too!
Please find below a list of discount codes for you to enjoy, full conditions of offers and a link to participating company websites.
If your company could take part in the CommunityConnect initiative, offering local people a discount and at the same time helping us continue to care for our community, please contact the fundraising office on We will provide a poster for your premises (if required), details of the offer on our website with a link through to yours and advertising on social media. You will also have our sincere thanks and know that every single penny contributed will help our patients and their families.
Sincere thanks to E Taylor & Son of Stalybridge who are the first local company in our community to connect with us this way.

E Taylor CommunityConnect Offer:

Quote WWH001 when buying lighting at their store and you will receive 5% off the ticket price while Willow Wood will receive a 5% donation. Valid now until 31/12/20. Please note that special offers and sale items are not included in this promotion.

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